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In 2014, when your short-term missioms team comes to visit us here in the Dominican Republic, you can share our website with your family and friends so they can follow you as you work that week.  We will post pictures and updates every couple of days so they can feel a part of what you are doing.  Also, anyone who donated to help you get here would love to see where their gift went.  What better place than this page, so they can see their sacrificial giving im action.  So, stay tuned for our team updates.  Also, click the button above and connect with us on Facebook.
This is our Boston Medical Team who came down in January 2014.  They were a team of 8.  They treated 500+ patients both in our clinic and door to door in a very poor Haitian village (called a "batey").  They went to the homes of those close to the medical clinic who were bedridden and took care of them, as well.  They poured a cement floor in a meager home replacing the common culturally acceptable dirt floor.
They passed out shoes and clothing to hundreds of people.  They have been such a blessing to Grace and Peace since January of 2010 when they flew down to help us care for the Haitian refugees who had fled to our town after the earthquake.
They will return in March.  Any medically trained personnel interested in coming down to serve with them, let us know.  They welcome all those wanting to help.
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