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Grace and Peace currently has children's programs in five different locations throughout our hometown of Barahona.  Classes are held anywhere from 1 to 3 times a week where the children memorize the Word of God, learn about hygiene, good nutrition, and can get help in a subject they may be struggling in at their regular public school.  The children are given a hard boiled egg as they leave each session because we found that a lack of protein directly affects their brain development.


We are building a school right behind the mission house that will some day be a full time private school for the children within walking distance of our mission house.  We have one school room finished and have started construction of the second school room.  We now also have a Child Sponsorship where you can help provide school uniforms, school supplies and food to a child or children.

Grace and Peace has a medical clinic located behind the mission house and hosts short-term medical mission teams.  A wonderful group of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and medically trained personnel from Boston, Massachusetts working under the aspices of At Home and Afar welcomes any medical personnel to join their teams that come in January, March, June and October of each year.  If you would like to come down independently, we welcome that as well.  The clinics we hold generally treat 100 to 1,000 patients and provide them with the necessary medicines at no charge.  In 2013, more than 2,000 poor Dominicans received medical help through this program.  Won't you consider joining either AHAF on one of their regularly scheduled teams or come down and hold your own Dental or Medical Clinic?  

In 2000, when we first established our Children's Program, we noticed that many elderly would come to the teaching program we were holding and ask for food.  As we inquired further because there were so many, we were told that it's cultural for widows and widowers to beg for food.  This is what prompted us to start helping the widows.  Grace and Peace helps 100 widows and widowers by providing them with medical help and enough food for each day.  We follow the Word of God in 1 Timothy Chapter 5. When a widow comes to us, we interview her to see what family she has.  We then place her on a waiting list until a sponsor comes along. She is also placed in her local Widow Program Bible Study and we begin helping her by taking her to the doctor for a complete physical if she has indicated that she has a medical condition.  Widow sponsorship is $50 a month.  She gets rice, beans, oil, and bouillon. As well, she will get shoes and clothing as they are donated.  To date, we have built 43 homes for those widows in need. 

Grace and Peace, over the last 15 years, transported and gave out more than 10,000,000 gallons of water from the well located on our property. We would like to drill another well and help send water to the homes located near the mission house. The Dominican water is the culprit for many diseases the people deal with. Although the Dominican government installed a large aqueduct a few years back, the people who actually have that water coming to their homes will still go weeks without a drop because of repairs and maintenance to that system.  


Right now, G&P provides water on the front wall surrounding the house to those willing to walk to get it. Drilling a second well will allow for the Dominicans to have water piped straight to their homes on a more consistent basis and they will not have to suffer for weeks when the government water is shut off nor will they have to walk long distances to get water. Fact:  1 gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. Generally, the Dominicans walk to get water in standard 5-gallon buckets which will way as much as 40 pounds.

Grace and Peace planted a church in a very poor and spiritually dark Haitian village (Called a Batey) in the Dominican Republic.  We hold church there several times a week.  We also do door-to-door evangelism when groups come down and will generally concentrate on one area to build a relationship with them, show them the Love of the Lord and then plug them into their local church if they so desire.  Grace and Peace has been going into the local prison for 3 years.  We take each prisoner (approximately 800) soap when we go and we preach the Word.  We have seen more than 150 commitments through the prison ministry.

Grace and Peace purchased a 45-acre farm and has organized a group of counselors through a Farm Council. There is a perfect set-up for raising of pigs, rabbits and fertile land for crops.  Farming equipment is being bought, refurbished and will be sent to the Dominican soon.  This farm will provide food for the Children's Education Program, The Widow Program and for those staying at the mission house.  It is now providing share-cropping opportunities for the Nationals living there.

Our Projects

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