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The Water Project

WATER:  Grace and Peace, over the last 15 years, trasported and gave out more than 10,000,000 gallons of water from the well located on our property. We would like to drill another well and help send water to the homes located near the mission house. The Dominican water is the culprate for many diseases the people deal with. Although the Dominian government installed a large aguaduct a few years back, the people who actually have that water coming to their homes will still go weeks without a drop because of repairs and maintenance to that system.  


Right now, G&P provides water on the front wall surrounding the house to those willing to walk to get it. Drilling a second well will allow for the Dominicans to have water piped straight to their homes on a more consistent basis and they will not have to suffer for weeks when the goverment water is shut off nor will they have to walk long distances to get water. Fact:  1 gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. Generally, the Dominicans walk to get water in standard 5-gallon buckets which will way as much as 40 pounds.

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